Social Media Branding for Multi-Hyphenates

It took me almost nine months, but I finally created a social media brand that fits ALL the content I’m creating on a regular basis. In case you also find yourself in a multi-hyphenate branding nightmare at some point, I’m sharing everything I’ve learned in this post.

Balancing Blogging with Work: What I've Learned So Far

I started Going Places Media to tell the story of building an online brand, blog and business from the ground up. To learn as I go, and to tell the story of what I learn. It hasn’t turned out exactly like I thought it would, but I have learned a lot since starting this site in December of 2018. 

Creativity is Vulnerable

This past week, I heard a comment on a podcast that stuck with me: creativity is vulnerable. A simple summary of a problem I have had trouble explaining to others (and even to myself) for years.

Quarterly Review June 2019: The Halfway Point

True to form, I’m also almost a month late on writing this quarterly review. One silver lining about this: year-to-date stats at this point include the first 7 months of 2019, instead of just the first half of the year. So we’ll see if I can beat these 7 month stats in the next 5 months. 

When It Isn't Cool to Compromise

Entrepreneurs and go getters tend to compromise one thing that isn't cool to compromise. Ironically, making sure this particular thing is a top priority is one of the most important things we can do.

Launch Your Brand Before Your Business

Challenges facing businesses vary depending on their industry, structure, goals and competition. But there is one challenge that you’ll face no matter what type of business you start: you need to sell. And that is where your brand comes in. 

Balancing Blogging with a Full Time Job

The internet is full of content about establishing the correct mindset, morning routine, daily rituals, spiritual alignment and motivational energy so that you can do creative work. But this is not a post about those things. This is a post about getting blog posts done.  

Bad Reasons to Start a Blog

If the reason you are thinking about starting a blog is on this list, it is worth putting some additional thought into whether or not a blog is the best fit for you... primarily because there may be something else that is a better fit. 

Monthly Review: March 2019

March wasn’t a perfect content month (we aren’t entirely sure what a perfect content month would even look like) but content still got done. Here are the blog and social media stats for the month of March 2019.