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How Much Content Do You Need Before Launching Your Blog?

How Much Content Do You Need Before Launching Your Blog?

After this site went live on Monday, I ran across a blog post on Pinterest about how much content you need to prepare before launching your blog. That article said that anyone starting a blog should have at least 20 posts ready to go on launch day. The same post also said that under no circumstances should you ever go live with less than 5 posts on your site. 

At the time I was reading that article, this site had just gone live with only 3 blog posts.  

And in case you were worried, I’ll confirm: the world didn’t end.  

Jokes aside, I have read a lot of posts about how much content you need to create before launching your blog over the years... and I tend to disagree with most of them.  

So I figured it was time to write one of my own. 

Stop caring about how much content you need to create before launching your blog.

spend that time focusing on your idea instead. 

The fact that I see posts about this topic everywhere I turn indicates that a lot of people must be asking the search engines how much content they need to create before launching... but I don't want you to be one of those people.  

Because you don’t need to waste your time trying to figure out why one blogger says you need 20 posts, and another says you need 10.  

Instead, spend that time on your idea. Jot down some ideas for titles and topics of posts, sketch logos, write down your thoughts, journal and draft a few posts (or even just draft paragraphs). Build on those ideas, notes and drafts to write your about page, determine the categories of content you want to start with (I actually don’t know the categories on this blog yet, so you’ll be ahead of me if you know that), and determine what you want to tell the world about your idea in your social media profiles.  

When you know your idea is ready, launch it.  

You don’t need some arbitrary number of posts before you launch. 

Anytime I read one of these posts about how much content you should have ready to go on the day you launch, I wonder how the author came up with the number of posts. It seems like every blogger has a different magic number of posts that they think you should have prepared on launch day, and most of the posts I’ve seen about this topic don’t include any sort of explanation of the logic behind those numbers.  

Since I can’t really guess at their logic, I’ll talk about mine. I agree that you should have something for people to read when they end up on your blog. But we need to think about how we ourselves consume blog content and apply that to this discussion. When was the last time you ended up on someone’s blog while you were looking for the answer to a question, then proceeded to read every single article they had ever written before heading back out into the blogosphere to continue your research?  

Didn’t think so.  

And that right there, ladies and gentlemen, is why the count of posts in your archive on day one doesn’t really matter. Make sure you have an about page and upload an introductory post or two if you have them ready to go... then launch. Because you can upload a post tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after that. 

In a nutshell:

You don’t have to do everything at once.  

There’s a lot that goes into a new blog. It took me 14 days to launch this one, even after the idea was ready to go. Those two weeks were spent getting my about page and design finalized, writing and editing those 3 posts I shared on launch day, figuring out my design, researching and locking down social media handles and domain names, planning my initial Instagram posts, uploading and editing photos, creating quotes and thumbnail photos using Canva… and probably also watching some Netflix and hanging out with friends if we’re being honest.  

The point here is that there is no reason to put things on your pre-launch to do list that don’t have to be there, because there will be enough things on that pre-launch to do list that really do need to be on it. And one of those things you don’t really have to do before you launch is prepare piles of content. 


You can start slow and learn as you go.  

One of the reasons I lean toward launching and figuring things out as you go, instead of pre-planning every single detail of a launch, is that no matter how much planning and writing you do things are always going to look different than you thought they would after you launch. It’s inevitable. As you start writing, you’ll learn which topics you like (and don’t like) to write about. You’ll see which posts people share and interact with most frequently. You’ll get questions from readers that you’ll want to address. You’ll start developing a voice and a style of your own.  

These personal experiences will start to influence the content you are creating and your content creation process... and they should. 

Because learning from your own experience blogging is the best way to learn about blogging.  

And facing challenges as a blogger is the only way to learn how to overcome those challenges. 

You will eventually have to figure out how to create content while simultaneously managing your blog and living your life.

everyone does. 

I’ve been trying to figure out why bloggers answer this question about how much content you need prior to launch when they are asked it. Why not say they don’t know, or at the very least say it depends, or just tell you how much content they had when they started?

I'm going to give the benefit of the doubt to those bloggers: I think the reason that most of them will tell you that you need some content prepared ahead of time, even if the number of posts is arbitrary, is that they want to save you from the experience of running out of content. Because it sucks to run out of prepared posts and find yourself needing to choose between staying up a few more hours or getting behind on your posting schedule. And it sucks to run out of things to say. And writer’s block sucks. And bad weeks at work that impact your content creation suck. And realizing you don’t enjoy one of the topics you thought you would when you started your blog sucks. 

But no matter how much content you create ahead of time, you are going to run into these challenges... and others. There is no arbitrary number of posts you can prepare ahead of time that will save you from experiencing a rough week at some point. You will eventually have to figure out how to integrate your blog into your life... and the reason that I think you should launch when your idea is ready, regardless of how many prepared posts you have on launch day, is that I’m not a fan of postponing that lesson.  

The faster you can figure out how to be a blogger, while simultaneously being everything else you already are (a parent, a spouse, an employee, a side hustler, a small business owner, etc.), the better.

Because then, and only then, can you decide if this blogging thing is really for you. 

So let’s find out.

In case you were worried about whether or not you have the right number of posts prepared, I hope you’ll use this post as your permission to forget about arbitrary post counts and get your idea out there.  

(You got this).

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PS: If you are still working on your idea and are not quite ready to launch at this point, or you just need some inspiration and motivation to launch your idea, you should join our launch list. Sign up here.


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