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Monthly Review: February 2019

Monthly Review: February 2019

To be honest, I felt like February was a total loss. The month felt like it lasted about a week, and I had a lot of trouble keeping up with my blogs and social media accounts as the new full-time job really got going this month. For these reasons, I was honestly dreading writing this monthly review. 

But here’s the funny thing: it isn’t as bad as I thought. In fact, I got more writing done than I even realized. We all know how easy it is to dwell on the negative and forget to acknowledge progress, and I certainly fell victim to that tendency in February. Sure, everything isn’t where I want it to be in a perfect world, but I’m still moving in the right direction. Slowly but surely. 

Here’s what February looked like in numbers.  

Number of Blog Posts Written 

Going Places Media – 4 

Sarah Going – 3 

As mentioned in the introduction, I felt like I didn’t get to spend a lot of time writing in February. However, these combined 7 posts are up from a combined total of 3 in January. This post count may not be where I want it in the long run (I’d love to be putting out two posts a week on each blog, which would mean a total of 16 posts a month), but I can’t argue that more than doubling last month’s post count is progress in the right direction. 

Blog Visits 

Going Places Media - 68 

Sarah Going - 250 

One of the things I’m interested in finding out with these monthly reviews is whether or not consistent content creation actually helps drive visitors to the blogs (I wrote a bit more about this ongoing experiment in the January Monthly Review, if you want to check it out). If we are just focusing on content and blog visits, then it appears that in this month at least, creating more posts helped to drive more visitors to Going Places Media... but my visitors to Sarah Going stayed about the same month over month. To be fair, I have a feeling this bump in blog visits to Going Places Media was at least partially attributable to my work on Pinterest in February (read more about that in the Social Media section below). We’ll see if this increase in visitors holds next month.   

Blog Subscribers  

I really wanted to get the blog subscription options up and running on both blogs this past month. However, I’m taking my time to research which email list subscription system/ host/ provider/ manager would best fit my goals for the email lists. As you all know if you’ve read some of the intro material on this site, you’ll know I’m not a fan of email signup popups (read: I loathe them). So I’m spending some time deciding how exactly an email list fits into my content, without being obtrusive or invasive. Stay tuned for more updates in this category (and I’ll definitely write a post about which system I end up going with, so stay tuned for that as well).  

Social Media Followers 

Yet again, I forgot to pull these counts as of the last day of February. So these are as of March 10: 

Pinterest – 159  

Instagram: Going Places Media - 49 

Instagram: Sarah Going - 324 

Twitter: 1,158 

Facebook Page: Sarah Going - 67 

Social Media Review 

This month was a bit crazy for me on the social media front. First of all, I failed spectacularly at posting on both of my Instagram accounts and stories (which cost me a few followers), but unfortunately that’s nothing new. I’ve got to figure out a better way to manage the Instagram accounts with a full-time job, because my plan of remembering to write up a quick post at 11:45 pm on occasion does not appear to be working.  

What I did do this month that was different than most months was revamp my Pinterest. I migrated it over to a business account, but for most of February there wasn’t even a description up there. I simply committed to posting one Pin a day during the entire month of February to see what happened.  

I made most of my pins using Canva, and since I only have one Pinterest account, I featured content from both of my blogs. A few of those pins really took off. At the top of my Pinterest page towards the end of February, it said that my page had 86,000 monthly views. 86K! Since I’m pretty sure I had about 20 views in January, I thought that was pretty cool. Views are not the same as followers (as you can tell from my social media follower counts above), but I did gain a few more followers on Pinterest this month as well. However, the really important thing about all those views is that they drove traffic to my blogs (particularly to Going Places Media, as reflected in the blog visits count above, which is double last month’s visitor count).  

This plan of consistent pinning (once a day) seemed to really help drive traffic to my content in February, so I’m planning to keep it up this month! 

Other Cool Stuff 

Web Design 

While I have no intention of getting rid of my black and white instagram feed (as Marie Kondo would say, it brings me joy)... I would like to bring in some color here on the Going Places Media website. Stay tuned for that in the coming months. 

Believe it or not, Sarah Going turns 3 at the end of March (my first post on the blog was published March 30, 2016). While my current Squarespace template, Skye, has worked well since I migrated the blog over from Wordpress in 2018, I want something that makes the content a bit easier to find than just one large feed with the most recent posts in all categories at the top. I’ve been playing around with a few themes (including the theme that this site runs on, Rally), and I’m excited to see what this facelift looks like when it is completed.  


I would love to hear from you about this site’s content, design, these monthly reviews or anything else that might be on your mind (or if you just want to say hi!) Use the content form to get in touch. And as always, thanks for reading! 

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