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Monthly Review: January 2019

Monthly Review: January 2019

Believe it or not, I’ve been blogging since 2012. 

After four years of learning valuable lessons about the type of content I like to create (and the type of content I don’t like to create), my personal blog – Sarah Going – was born. Since launching that blog in 2016, I’ve mostly been writing whatever I want, whenever I want, without much regard for search engine optimization, monetization, a consistent schedule or strategic use of social media.  

Since I spent a good portion of 2012 through 2016 working on blogs that aren’t around anymore for various reasons, I wanted to make sure that my overall brand, niche (to the extent that I have one) and topic mix at Sarah Going was a good long-term fit for me.  

At this point, almost three years later, I’m happy to say that it still is. 

And now... I want to get a bit more serious about blogging. 

Starting with Serious Monthly Reviews 

As a math nerd, it’s a bit surprising to me that I’ve never put together a month in review post for any of the blogs I’ve worked on. I guess I was always focused on making sure I loved the content creation process enough to stick with it, and I was therefore less focused on traffic growth and statistics. But I love reading these posts on other blogs... so this year, I’m planning to write a monthly review to keep track of changes in traffic, followers and engagement (and how those relate to my blog post count each month). In today’s world of buying followers, follow/unfollow tactics, fake accounts, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing and hundreds of thousands if not millions of blogs competing for people’s attention, I’m honestly not sure that you can build an audience based solely on the fact that you create valuable content and share it consistently.  

I guess there is only one way to find out: try it (and tell you the story here in my monthly review!) 

Why is This Review Here on the Going Places Media Blog? 

Going Places Media has been evolving a bit since it launched, and I’m sure it will continue to evolve as we grow. But at a high level, GPM was always meant to be the editorial, web design, and content management provider for a variety of blogs, brands and businesses... including my personal blog, Sarah Going. To further complicate things, several of my social media accounts cover content from both the GPM and Sarah Going blogs (like my Pinterest and Facebook). So instead of writing a monthly stats review on the Sarah Going Blog AND here, I’m just going to combine them and have one review here for all the stats. 

Let’s Get to the Stats: January in Review 

Number of Blog Posts Written 

Going Places Media – 1 

Sarah Going – 2 

This month, I went back to work full time after having three months off work between jobs. Needless to say, it was a bit difficult to adjust back to the full-time finance lifestyle... and my content creation suffered. I spent some time this past weekend getting together a complete and very detailed blog and social media calendar for February, so that when I do have time to work on my blogs, brand and business, I don’t have to waste that time figuring out what should be done next. Also, I don’t want to have to admit to you in next month’s blog review that I only published three posts total... so I’m expecting serious improvement in this category next month.

Blog Visits 

Going Places Media - 31 

Sarah Going - 251 

The GPM blog is just over a month old at this point, so I want to thank everyone who came by to check out this site in January. I’m interested to see how this changes as I get more consistent with content... stay tuned. 

Blog Subscribers 

Going Places Media – 0 

Sarah Going – NA 

Believe it or not, I’ve never actually had a an option to sign up with your email on the Sarah Going blog. This year, I want to do more research about the possibility of adding that to my site. While I technically have an option to sign up for the Launch List on Going Places Media currently, I still haven’t decided which email/subscriber program to use to manage that list. (Add this to the pile of things I need to figure out in 2019!) 

Social Media Followers

Full disclosure, I forgot to pull these stats on the last day of January... so these are as of today: February 10, 2019. We’re learning as we go around here.  

Pinterest - 151 

Instagram: Going Places Media - 53 

Instagram: Sarah Going - 324 

Twitter - 1,144

Facebook Page: Sarah Going - 67 

Other Cool Stuff 

There are some other stats that I would love to include here in these monthly reviews as my blogs, brand and business grow. Some of those might include product sales stats, if we start selling an actual product at any point. I’ll also highlight any redesigns or relaunches, product launches, blog launches or new social media pages here. In 2019, I would also love to bring my blog life into the real world a bit more than I have historically. Hopefully I can attend some blog-related conferences, but at the very least attend some meetups in 2019.

Until next month…

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If you do want to be a part of our brand-new email list (the Launch List) in 2019, sign up here. We promise that we will eventually have cool monthly newsletters.



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