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Soon after starting my personal blog in the spring of 2016, I had an idea. That idea evolved, and grew, and changed, but despite my efforts to ignore it… the idea just wouldn't go away.

So after two years of blogging (while working full time in finance, talking to a variety of entrepreneurs and content creators from all income levels and stages of business, reading a ton of blogs, books and other relevant content, then ultimately quitting my job to travel for six weeks in Europe), I decided it was time to bring this idea to life.

Getting Past the Planning Paralysis

I'm no stranger to planning - in fact, I'm a huge fan - but I also know that planning can get to a point where it's holding you back, instead of helping you move forward.  

When planning paralysis sets in, the planning itself becomes a form of procrastination… preventing you from taking action on whatever it is you're planning.

It's like a planning spiral.

And planning spirals are no fun.

If this describes you and your idea, then you are in the right place. 

Because we’re going to break through the planning paralysis in 2019, once and for all.

What's So Special About 2019?

There's arguably nothing special about 2019… and that may be the reason I like it. It's just another year. 365 days of chances to get your idea out of your head, off the page, and into the world. So let's make 2019 the year we commit to going for it… whatever it is. 

The year of the launch.

Believe me, I didn't have everything I would have wanted to have in place before launching this blog. I didn't have as much content prepared as I wanted to have, I didn't have the categories of content I want to create fully established, I didn't have answers to a lot of questions about what exactly I want to do here, and I seriously need to upgrade basically every piece of technology in my life.

But I launched anyway.

Because in 2019, I'm going to use this blog to tell the story of building Going Places Media from the ground up… as I go, not after everything is perfect and finalized. 

So we can all just figure things out together.  

What Am I Planning to Launch in 2019?

First, I'm launching this blog, brand, and business: Going Places Media. I'll share the whole process of starting a new digital media company and building a dedicated website, blog, Pinterest, and Instagram from scratch. I'm interested in figuring out whether or not gaining authentic followers is even still possible these days, and I'm also interested in gathering feedback about the content I'm creating (so please follow along and let me know what type of content you need to help you launch your own idea).

For awhile, I've been interested in learning more about Etsy, the Amazon affiliates program and fulfillment by Amazon (I'm fairly certain you know more than I do about these online income streams at this point… but I'm ready to learn). After doing some research to figure out the best fit, my goal is to launch at least one of these types of businesses in 2019.

In the longer term, as this blog grows, I would love the opportunity to establish some affiliate relationships with the products and services I use every day. That being said, I hate flashy ads and popups, so part of my learning process will be figuring out how to integrate the brands I love with the content I create, without affecting user experience at all. I'll let you know if at any point our actual content here on the blog is monetized, but for now, I'm just telling this behind the scenes launch story because I think it needs to be told.

I also have a few Nashville-based business ideas up my sleeve, since I'm pretty obsessed with the local startup culture here in my hometown and would love to figure out a way to get more involved in it this year. 

Now, you know as much as I do about what I'm planning to launch in 2019.

On to the more important question:

What Are You Planning to Launch in 2019?

A blog? A brand? A business?

A new career? A move up your career ladder?

A push to get your personal finances in order?

Not quite sure yet?

All of the above?

No matter what your answer is, you're in the right place.

I'd love to connect with you, hear where you are in the process with your idea, and make sure we're creating the type of content you need. Let me know in the comments, on the Going Places Media Instagram or Facebook pages, or using our contact page.

If you are committing to launching your thing - whatever that thing is - in the year 2019, I'd also love to have you as a part of our Launch List. Sign up here!

Why I Started Going Places Media

Why I Started Going Places Media

Meet Sarah

Meet Sarah