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When It Isn't Cool to Compromise

When It Isn't Cool to Compromise

In some contexts, compromise is a cool thing. Figuring out how to compromise with your life partner, or your business partner, or someone from the other side of the political spectrum so that you can get things done if you happen to be reading this and work in Congress… all cool.  

But entrepreneurs and go getters tend to compromise one thing that isn't cool to compromise: 

Our health. 

Compromising our health isn't a smart long-term play, because we need it to be successful business owners, future executives, changemakers, artists and in general to keep going after whatever it is we are trying to take on in the world.    

So it's time to stop compromising. Right now.  

Stop Compromising Your Health 

I won't ask for a show of hands, but think about whether or not the following sounds like a familiar journal entry for a regular, run of the mill Wednesday:   

Stay up late, then hit the ground running before dawn to prepare a presentation. Skip breakfast (but do not skip coffee), no time to prepare lunch. Sit in traffic, sit at desk most of the day. Get things done as fast as possible, dominate the presentation even on 4 hours of sleep, fast food for lunch, stay too late and miss the gym. Head home, have some wine and popcorn and start working on the side hustle. Bed by 2:00 am.  

Yeah… one word should be coming to your mind after reading that paragraph: 


Believe me, I've tried it. On run of the mill Wednesdays for years.    

Then I got to a point where nothing was working anymore.  

I was burnt out. 

And I had to quit everything to reset and get things back on track.  

Life isn't supposed to be a race to burnout, and burnout is not a badge of honor.   

Ask yourself what you are prioritizing: if your physical and mental health isn't at the TOP of that list, you need to make adjustments. Because no matter how much you like everything else you are doing with your time, not prioritizing your health means you could run out of time a lot earlier than you have to.  

It sounds serious, because it is.

When you compromise your health, you're compromising every other aspect of your life.  

I know it isn't easy to change habits. Because that pace, where nothing matters more than work, not even health… it's a hard lifestyle to change once you get into it.

But sometimes, changing one tiny thing can have a positive domino effect.

Momentum is important to changing bad habits.

Start by refusing to compromise one health-related thing every day. And see where that leads.  

Related Resource: Charles Duhigg's book The Power of Habit helped me understand how to break bad patterns. Check it out if you want to learn more about how one change can kickstart momentum in a positive direction, especially when it comes to health. 


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