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Why I Started Going Places Media

Why I Started Going Places Media

I've been getting some questions from friends and family as I've worked to launch this idea over the past several weeks (and even since the @goingmedia accounts went live on Instagram and Pinterest yesterday).    

People want to know what this is exactly, and my answer to that question - that I'm going to find out what this is by telling the story as it grows, in real time - is admittedly less clear than your average business plan. 

But I do, at least, know WHY I started Going Places Media.   

Like many good business ideas, I created this blog, brand and business because I was fed up.   

I was sick of dealing with the same problem over and over again… so I decided to quit complaining about that problem and create a solution. 

What was that problem that needed to be solved?  

The content problem.  

In October 2018, after five and a half years of working full-time in finance, I quit my job.  

While I was in Europe on my six-week sabbatical, I spent some time researching things I would need to know in order to start an online business.  

And at the risk of offending some content creators out there… I was disappointed by a lot of the content I was finding that was supposed to be helping people get their blog, brand, business, career, side hustle or other idea going.  

There were internet runarounds everywhere, wasting my time (listen to this podcast that doesn't really go into enough depth to be practically applicable, go to the show notes, which direct you to the website, which forces you to put in your email address in order to access a PDF of the notes, wait 10 minutes or more to receive said PDF, then I'm sure you know where this is going… the question you had isn't addressed in the notes anyway. Bonus points if you were in the car while listening to this podcast like a normal person, so you had to remember to swing back later to jump through all these hoops.) 

There were blog posts so long, just looking at the word count made me want to take a nap (when you are forced to wade through a 3,000 word blog post on a topic you really need to know about, only to realize that 2,000 of those words are repeating what was said in the first 1,000 words and/or are just there to make sure the keyword is included 47 times, when it naturally should have been used 5 times maximum. Bonus points if these mammoth posts don't leave you with any actionable information.)  

There were popups everywhere, asking for an email address when I was one word in to checking out a new blog (Can I please just try to get the answer to the question I had when I came to this blog before I subscribe to it? No? Ok I guess, I'll try to either exit out of this popup or put in my email. Bonus points if your site isn't mobile optimized, so there is no way to exit out of the popup). 

Then, perhaps the best of all, there were the hidden paywalls, paid courses, and paid memberships (Did I really just read a whole post that had a title that said it was going to teach me something about the topic I'm researching, only to get to the bottom of the post and realize that this was just a lengthy sales pitch and now I have to pay to get to the course or PDF that has actual helpful information that I need? Triple bonus points for these runaround posts, since they waste your time, usually involve a popup and make you put in your email address. Winners.)   

Needless to say, I was fed up every time I had to search for valuable information. 

But more than that, I usually felt exhausted, overwhelmed and discouraged. 

Like I'd never have enough time to wade through all this content online that seemed to be prioritizing traffic over value (SEO keyword stuffing leading to obnoxiously long posts, hidden paywalls, runarounds, having to put in my email address every five minutes… the content was taking so long to wade through, I simply would never be able to get through it all).  

Right then and there, Going Places Media was born.    

I'm not going to pretend I know how to change the content trends I'm seeing all over the internet and social media currently. I don't know how to shift that focus on traffic back to a focus on value and user experience.  

There is only one thing that I know I can do: 

Create the type of content I need and want to consume. 

I'll be honest: I don't know how well this approach will work, if we're using traffic as a metric of success.  

I'm not sure if a creator who just prioritizes authentic, valuable content can really rank against creators who prioritize traffic and income.  

I'm not sure if it's possible to build an authentic social media following, made up of real human beings, without buying followers, using follow/unfollow tactics, and doing whatever else influencers are doing these days.  

But I guess we're about to find out.  

I'm also not going to pretend that I'm the only content creator focused on authenticity that believes value should be a given (not something you have to pay for or jump through hoops to access.)

But I will admit, with the level of crowding in most blog genres these days, it's hard to find those creators who have the same philosophy on content that I do.  

If you are one of those creators prioritizing authenticity and value, PLEASE reach out and say hi. I'd love to connect with you.  

Thanks for stopping by and being a part of this story from the very beginning. 




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How Much Content Do You Need Before Launching Your Blog?

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