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Why You Should Start a Blog

Why You Should Start a Blog

Two years ago, I wrote a post listing 10 reasons that you should start a blog over on my personal blog, Sarah Going. I read back through that post recently, and overall, the reasons I included have stayed relevant. As is true of most of my early blog content, the post did need some edits for clarity... but honestly, it could have been worse.  

One of the reasons I tend to shy away from listicles in general (10 reasons to do something, 10 products you should try, etc.) is that they don’t give you much room to go into depth on a topic.  

Since starting a blog is a topic that needs depth, I thought it would be fun to create a series of follow ups to that post.  

But for this first installment, let’s start with the new and improved listicle! 

10 Reasons You Should Start a Blog 

1. Design your own brand. 

In today's digitized world, there is going to be a narrative about you online whether you like it or not. Why not write that narrative yourself? 

2. Don’t let the niche stop you. 

Anything you want to write about can be unique, because you are different than everyone else that is writing a blog. Find the fresh spin that your life experience lends to the topic you love, quit worrying about whether you have a niche or not, and get to writing. 

3. Practice writing. 

Even if you are writing more casually than you do at school or at work, keeping up your writing skills in any capacity is important. When it comes time to apply for that dream graduate school or job, the written components of your application are going to be a lot easier if you’ve been doing some writing. 

4. Get (and stay) connected. 

Blogs are great connection tools and conversation starters. The opportunity to meet cool people while doing something you love? That's a win-win. Blogs can also help you keep in touch with friends and family around the world (including the people you meet through your blog).  

5. Develop marketable skills. 

Learning to build and customize your own site in Wordpress or Squarespace builds useful, marketable skills that could lead to career or side hustle opportunities in the future. 

6. Let your voice be heard. 

In addition to keeping current on the topics, conversations and debates you care about, why not chip in and contribute your thoughts or questions? You never know what might result from your willingness to voice your opinion. 

7. Be creative and have fun. 

Many components of blogging, including developing your own writing style, creating visual content and designing your blog, can be both creative and fun. Building and practicing creativity, even if you’re ‘just doing something for fun’, can have positive consequences in every aspect of your life. 

8. Help, motivate or inspire others. 

Sharing your story is worthwhile, especially if you can help others avoid pitfalls you may have fallen into or mistakes you may have made along the way.  

9. Remember that happiness is its own endgame. 

It doesn't matter if you can’t see how your writing leads to the endgame that many bloggers are pursuing (advertising dollars, collaborations with big brands, freebies, and sponsorships). If writing a blog makes you happy, that is reason enough to do it. 

10. Stay inspired while sharing your journey. 

It's important to build a lifestyle where you can do what you love, but whatever that is may not be a full-time option just yet. A blog is a relatively affordable creative outlet that can help you stay determined to chase those big dreams, while also giving you a place to tell the story of your journey towards those dreams. 

Ready to start your blog?  

Let’s get going.  

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PS. I’ve never cross-published anything in its entirety (even with edits), so I’m interested to see if the internet police are going to be able to tell somehow. Internet police, if this is you, I wrote this content to begin with on my other blog at Sarah Going... so no need to worry about copyright infringement or plagiarism on this one. Thanks for reading! 

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