Where to Start? Start With Your Content

It is no surprise that one of the questions I get asked most often is where to start. And as creatives, we may all give different answers to that question... but I think there is one answer that will always work, no matter what you want to start. 

Monthly Review: January 2019

In today’s world, I’m honestly not sure that you can build an audience based solely on the fact that you create valuable content and share it consistently. But there is only one way to find out: try it (and tell you the story here in my monthly review!) 

The Problem with Habit Streaks

When you are trying to establish a new habit, early success can lead to later success because you don’t want to break the streak of success. Unfortunately, this ‘habit streak’ approach doesn’t always work.

Responding to New Year's Resolution Hate

With all the criticism you’ve likely read or heard about New Year’s resolutions, you may be hesitant to call your goals resolutions or even work on defining those goals at the start of the new year. I think it’s time we address some of that criticism… so we can all move forward.  

Why I Started Going Places Media

People want to know what this is exactly, and my answer to that question is admittedly less clear than your average business plan. But I do, at least, know WHY I started Going Places Media.